Monday, August 22, 2011

The Glee Project

The Glee Project... What can I say about this show except that it was AMAZING!! I was hooked from day one and have watched all the episodes. Last night was the finale and I do have to say that I was like a little girl on Christmas morning waiting to see what Santa brought me.. My heart was pounding so fast and hard. I was excited to hear that Alex and Lindsay didn't win, and then it was down to Samuel and Damian. I was thinking, the one I'm rooting for is going to win. He just might actually win. Then, Samuel won. I'm not going to lie, I was disappointed. I may have frowned and pouted for awhile and screamed "REALLY?" at the TV. Then Ryan Murphy said that he liked Damian as well and that he has won a 7 episode stint on Glee!!!! WHAT?!?!!? He actually won too?!! I think I may have let out a little screech I was that excited! It was a good thing that my window air conditioner was on otherwise my little sister might have thought I have lost my mind. I'm still super excited that my 'little Irish boy' won and that I will be watching him on Glee season 3!! 

So here I will leave you with some photos of Damian. Oh how adorable you are! (Sorry if these are pixelated, I borrowed them off of The Glee Project website.)

Found via Google

Eep!!! I'm still so happy! Even though he will never read this, CONGRATULATIONS DAMIAN!