Monday, May 9, 2011

What's In My Purse

I can't believe that it has been almost a month since I've posted. I need to get better at this blogging thing huh? My bedroom is done, I have to take pictures yet, but will soon! In the mean time, I decided to show you what's in my purse!

I LOVE this purse! It is a purse-n-ality purse party purse. It is super springy and I love the colors!

Anyways, here is what is in my purse...
1. Pens.. I have a thing for pens. I love pens and have a ton laying all over my room.
2. Book and receipt/bill.. I always carry a book with me. I usually read while I am on my break at work. I also have my eye doctor receipt and a dentist bill.
3. Checkbook and Car Payment slips..
4. Calculator and little notebook.. Need a calculator to balance my checkbook (I am horrible at math) and a little notebook to write down all the lists and things to do.
5. Perfume.. Gotta smell good through out the day! I love this Sex and the City perfume. I got it at Gordman's for $6!
6. Work schedules and receipts.. I am horrible and taking out my old work schedules.
7. Deodorant.. Can't have stinky pits!
8. Foot lotion and eyeglasses cleaner/rag.. My feet get super dry during the day and my glasses get really dirty through out the day as I work in a daycare.
9. Roll of stamps..
10. Prescription Pills and EyeRestore Pills.. Recently went to the eye doctor and they did a new test on my eyes and the macular pigment in my eyes is slowly going away and I have to take a pill daily to help improve the pigment. If I don't, in the future I could go blind. Scary!
11. Chapstick..
12. Hand lotion and sanitizer.. Twilight Woods from Bath and Body Works--smells really good!
13. Owl Wallet.. From Mod Cloth. I LOVE owls!

Normally, I can't find anything in my purse because I just throw any lose paper, candy, change, etc. in here, but since I bought the Kangaroo Keeper, it makes finding things so much easier!!


Brent said...
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Jewlez Scrapn' said...

I love ur purse!!! Where did u get it???

Amy said...

I bought this purse at a purse party that my sister's coworker had a couple months ago. It is a Purse-n-ality Purse. (That is the name of the 'company' that does purse parties)