Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Name is Amy....

and I have a purse/handbag addiction. I kid you not, I absolutely LOVE purses. It's my weakness and I have a hard time saying no when I find one I like.

There are 10 purses hanging here (some are behind the bigger ones that I like the most :) ). These hang in a little awkward space between my door and closet door. I only have the cloth purses/totes hanging here.

On the top shelf of my closet is where I put my non-cloth purses (minus that white one, I will have to put her back where she belongs :) ). The first 4 purses that are standing up still have their tags on them. Gasp! I told you I have a hard time saying no! There are 10 purses in my closet.

This is my current purse plus a couple Kangaroo Keepers but I will get to those later.
When I first saw this purse at a Bella Boutique store, I thought it was not so cute. As I walked around the store, I was liking it more and more so I bought it. I have never gotten so many comments on my purse and where I got it from before and it makes me smile!

Now on to the Kangaroo Keepers. My purses are always a mess and I can never ever find anything without dumping the contents out. So I bought a Kangaroo Keeper December 27, 2010. I waited for what seems like forever for it to get here and finally today they came!! I'm not going to lie, I am really excited that I have this. It makes my purse nice and organized. I did not, however, want 4 of them (I guess I can try to sell the other ones). They come in packs of 2, large and medium, but apparently on the website if you buy one you get one free, you just have to pay separate shipping and handling. Now I did not know this until I had my printable receipt. I wasn't too thrilled to tell you the truth, but now that they are here, I'm almost giddy! Oh the simple things that can make a girl happy!

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